How Short Term Business Loans Can Work for You

When it comes to business loans, the length of your personal business loan term is almost as important as securing funds. Almost all businesses require additional capital at some point, but there’s a big difference between long-term loans and temporary financing solutions, otherwise known as short term loans. Most short term small business loans are repaid within a year or less, but some long-term loans can last over a decade.

What are the Benefits of Short Term Business Loans?

Speed! Short term business loans offer quick financing to support immediate business expenses. Unlike long term loans, short term loans don’t come with the risk of accumulating large debts or interest and don’t have the long-term commitment to loan payments. A short term loan can provide the right amount of money for your business while allowing you to pay off the loan quickly.

When would a business need a short term loan? Short term loans can benefit you when cash flow is slow during a short time period of time or when funding is needed to help your business grow. A short term loan can help your business now to set you up for long term success. Apply online to see what short-term financial solutions can help your business thrive.


Fast Funding

  • Most short term loan programs are funded quickly, some within 24 hours
  • Not waiting for loan funds to hit your account means you can utilize the money when you need it most


Flexible Repayment Options

  • Customized, short term loans can offer a variety of payment options
  • Flexibility lets you set up a loan program that works best for your unique business needs


Increased Approval Rates

  • Short term business loan lenders often don’t require collateral or perfect credit for credit approvals
  • Alternative lenders like Funding Gate Capital typically have higher approval rates for short term loans


Take Care of Immediate Needs

  • Cover costs related to equipment repairs or an unexpected tax bill by using a short term business loan
  • Use short term loans to set your business up for future success by investing in long-term growth plans

How Do Short Term Business Loans Work?


Fast & Easy Application Process


Helpful Loan Guidance


Quick Decision, Fast Funding

Working Capital Loans for Various Industries

Whether you’re a contractor or run a retail shop, you’ve probably experienced a short-term need for small business capital. A healthy cash flow lets you pay for expenses and take advantage of new business opportunities. Funding Gate Capital has experience providing working capital loans for small business owners for almost every type of industry.

Commercial Trucking Business Loans

Fuel your trucking business with loans tailored for truck companies


Agriculture Business Loans

Grow your farming business to its fullest potential with small business loans


Construction Business Loans

Build your business to reach great heights with loans from Funding Gate Capital


Restaurant Loans

Serve your customers better with loans that serve your business


Gym & Fitness Center Business Loans

Serve your customers better with loans that serve your business


Beauty & Wellness Business Loans

Give your business the best makeover with small business loans

FAQ: Short Term Business Loans

Wondering how short term loans work or how they can help your business? Most business owners are a little unsure about receiving a short term loan. To help you better understand how the money from short term loans can help your business, we’ve put together some common questions people often ask.
Applying for a short term loan is almost always easier than getting a long-term business loan. At Funding Gate Capital, we’ll help you find the right short term loans for your business with a customized loan solution. Simply fill out our easy online application to get started.
Contrary to what many business owners believe, there are short term loans available for businesses with poor credit. In fact, a short term loan could actually help you raise your credit score while avoiding excess interest payments.
Yes! In a good way. A short term loan can help improve your credit score over time. As long as you make your payments on time and pay off your loan according to schedule, you’ll likely see your credit score rise.

It might sound counterintuitive, but securing a business loan while sales are up could be a smart move financially. Your working capital loan can be used for more than just overdue bills. For example, your restaurant is packed every night, and you have to turn customers away because you’re too busy. You decide to move to a new location but to afford the new spot, you’ll need extra cash. You could use a loan to help cover the costs of the move, including hiring more servers and installing kitchen equipment. At any point, allow our trustworthy lenders to help you obtain a working capital loan — even if your business is doing well.

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